A strangers smile

Sitting on the train on my way into Cardiff to meet some friends. Sat on my own, headphones in, my handbag casually placed on the empty seat next to me. Habit I guess, or maybe it is me subconsciously creating a barrier towards these strangers that surround me. Staring into their phones, talking to the person next to them. 

No one is social anymore, no one glances at you, no one smiles at you. 

I grew up in a little village, if you walk past someone you always say good morning/afternoon even if you’ve never seen them before.  I like that. It seems silly and a little strange but having a stranger smile and nod at you makes you feel acknowledged, no longer only visible through a phone screen. 

I enjoy smiling at strangers as I pass them, I have received mixed reactions, some confused, some return the nice gesture, others have stopped me and asked if they know me, nope sorry, I was only trying to be nice. 

I’ve read an article online from those who have attempted suicide and they said if one person had smiled at them or asked them how they were doing they would have considered against it. 

I think this is important. We as humans are so engaged in our phones that we don’t acknowledge those around us. When I walk I look up, never down. Looking up I get to take in the beautiful architecture of some buildings that most miss. 

So take some time from your phone, enjoy the world around you, embrace it, take in the beautiful scenery that surrounds you. Don’t forget to smile at a stranger… the simplest gestures can mean a huge imporantace to someone else. 

Happy Saturday everyone!! 


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