Fierce & Feminine

I have always posed the question to myself; am I feminine enough? I look at myself compared to others and think maybe I’m not but then what do we mean by feminine? I think of being feminine as having strong qualities such as being head strong, resilient and confident. Being feminine also has connotations of wearing dresses, skirts, wearing colourful clothes, having perfect hair and makeup, now these are the qualities that I feel I do no possess. I do not feel comfortable in dresses and skirts unless I’m on a night out with the girls and I mostly wear black clothes as I feel they are the most flattering for my shape and draw less attention to my body as I am not the most confident with it.

Recently some people have mentioned that I dress like ‘man’ or a ‘lesbian’ and that I’m ‘not that feminine’. This got me thinking… does this mean I am unattractive, does this mean I intimidate males, does this mean I am not coming across as approachable? Who are these people to say that I am not the definition of ‘feminine’, surely that is an old interpretation that is completely outdated in today’s society?!

I do try with my hair and makeup, but the times my hair looks decent and done up is mostly done by mistake or just sheer fucking luck… don’t get me wrong I have watched numerous tutorials and had a good attempt at trying to replicate some styles… without much success… I mean I’m a women, I am meant to be able to do this feminine shit with ease?

I know I am not the most feminine and I may have a ‘lesbian/male’ dress sense, but I am comfortable in the clothes I wear and the way I portray myself. Maybe by dressing this way I am trying to conceal my insecurities from everyone, and I do worry that by not dressing ‘feminine enough’ that I struggle to be attractive amongst a sea of feminine girls with beautiful hair and clothes.

I feel that at the age of 23 I am still struggling to find myself still, find my own dress sense, I am torn between dressing feminine and feeling uncomfortable or dressing tomboyish and feeling confident. I feel that my ‘unfeminine’ look disadvantages me to a certain extent, I feel that I should be feminine and a pretty girl who cares about makeup and shit. I guess I need to realise there is nothing better than being me and not giving a shit what others say about my dress sense.

I am fierce and feminine in my own way and I fucking own it. I don’t want to look back when I am older and think why did I worry so much, just fucking own it, and that is exactly what I am going to do, there is only one me and there will only ever be one me. It is natural for me to feel insecure and second guess myself, I feel it is what keeps me on my toes and open to developing myself and pushing myself outside my comfort zones to feel more fierce and confident in my own body and mind.


“Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you.” – Dr Seuss.


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